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Ascot and Cranbourne Pre-school




We are so proud to be rated ‘OUTSTANDING’ by OFSTED for the third time in a row. In these difficult and changeable times, we have remained consistent for the children, making life ‘normal’ and this is a testament to the hard work of the team and support of the families.

"Children's literacy skills are supported tremendously well. Children are extremely focused and excited as they practice their phonic letter sounds"

“Children benefit from consistently high expectations from staff, encouraging them to keep trying when learning to manage their personal needs. They give precise instructions and children persevere such as when learning how to independently put on their coats and zip it up”


"Children develop an excellent understanding of the importance of good health and physical skills"

“Children's literacy skills are supported tremendously well”

“Children have independent access to the magnificent outdoor space. They run, climb, dig and ride trikes and bikes, gleefully chasing each other and ensuring they do not 'crash' or 'bump' into each other”

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