Ascot and Cranbourne Pre-school

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Ascot & Cranbourne Pre-School


Lovel Road, Winkfield, Berkshire, SL4 2EU


Tel: 01344 885020   Email: [email protected]


Ascot & Cranbourne Pre-School is a Registered Charity with the Charities Commission, number 280438


Staff  Information


Hannah Myatt – Manager


Sarah Horsoe - Pre School Practitioner


Sabine Jones – Pre School Practitioner


Tiggy Briggs – Pre School Practitioner


Cecile Lacoste Pre School Practitioner


Tanya Kimmer - pre school Practitioner


Rebecca Dwyer  - Pre School Practitioner


Jo Ashley Bank staff Pre school Practitioner


Adi Haggett Bank staff Pre school Prcatitioner
























Bracknell forest early years




Pre School Learning Alliance


Charities Commission


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